Teens Act was featured on Univision 32 in Feb 2013! 

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“These students have aspirations. Many may claim that they don’t have a goal or direction in life, but they really do. They just may not know how to achieve that goal, and that’s what we’re here for.”

- Andy Gonzalez (BYU Teens Act Chapter President 2011)

“I’m learning how to teach, do classroom management, create curriculum and lesson plans, work with a team, and building positive relationships with school faculty. It’s aligning perfectly with what I want to do.”

                                               - Jason Miller (Independence High School Teacher)

“As a first generation college graduate myself, I know first-hand the challenges many students face when they reach university level study.....I am very pleased with the success of my former students as a result of Teens Act. The support Teens Act provides will empower many more students to succeed in high school and beyond.”

Samuel L. Ray, Ed.D. (Principal, Provo High School, 2004—2011)

As a sophomore with less than a 1.0 GPA, Gary (left) was on the road to dropping out of high school. Because of his participation in Teens Act, Gary took the ACT, raised his GPA to over a 3.0, and became the first in his family to go to college.

The Need...

Approximately 1.3 million students fail to graduate, more than half of whom are from minority groups.
students in America drop out of high school

Every minute, two American high school students drop out.