Preparing Your AC for Winter

Today, we are on the point of cooler temperatures and cozy days. You will have your AC unit totally turned off before you know it and might be thinking about turning on your furnace after a couple of months of not using it.

We are going to talk about several crucial things you have to remember as a winter approach and your AC unit is utilized less often. Before you search for “residential heating and air conditioning repair near me” for your annual furnace tune-up, here are a couple of things you can do with your AC.

Schedule AC Service

We all know that the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. Because of this, you probably do not have time to handle any type of AC maintenance. That’s why it is suggested that you contact a professional HVAC technician and schedule an AC service before the first day of winter. A technician will arrive at your house at a time that is convenient for you and guarantee that your AC is in the right working order and will be ready to use when the next summer season arrives.

Obviously, the next summer or spring perhaps are at the back of your head. However, it is also suggested that you consider whether or not an AC installation over the winter or fall will be ideal for your house. If you had to invest in AC repair this year, take the next couple of months to think about whether your house will benefit from a new unit.

Clean the Coils of Your AC Unit

The coils of your AC unit probably have seen their fair share of rough weather during the spring and summer. Contaminants, such as leaves, dust, dirt, and much more might have made their way inside of your AC throughout the previous several months. This can make it harder for your AC unit to perform at its best. Though you will want to clean the coils again before you use it next summer, you’ve got to ensure that the coils are free of debris before you completely turn off the unit for a couple of months.

Clean the Air Ducts

You should take your time to evaluate your air ducts. Do you notice accumulation of dust around the intake spots? If yes, you will want to have a professional HVAC technician to clean your vents to guarantee that you aren’t spreading hair, dead skin cells, pet dander, and much more that accumulate naturally throughout the year.

Examine the Air Filter

Your AC has worked a lot last season to keep your family cozy. If you are reading a couple of AC maintenance tips, you probably have heard about changing the air filters. Keep in mind that you have to replace your air filter before you completely turn off your AC unit. A lot of experts recommend changing the air filter after 60 days. Of course, you do not want to start the next summer season with a dirty air filter spreading dust.