Why is Your Eye Discolored?

Have you noticed a discoloration or bump on your eye’s white area? Do your eyes have a constant bloodshot? Well, you can have an eye condition called farmer’s eye or surfer’s eye.  

Pterygium and Pinguecula are the 2 eye conditions that are related to what you’re experiencing now. It will become clear why these conditions are called farmer’s or surfer’s eye after you understand the causes.  

Since one can develop from the other, pterygium and pinguecula are associated with each other. However, though they’re both not cancerous, one can become a severe eye illness that results in loss of vision, while the other might just be irritating at times.  

Both of these conditions are growths on the eye’s conjunctiva. It’s the thin layer of tissue that covers the eye’s white portion. It’s ideal to look for an “eye doctor near me” as soon as you can if you noticed any of the signs below. 

Causes of Pinguecula 

There might be no signs if the growth is minor. However, the film of tears that usually lubricates your eyeball does not evenly spread over this elevated bump since pinguecula growth is deposits of calcium or fat that have formed. This will cause an irritating feeling or dry eye. You’ll typically feel that there’s something in your eye. In addition to that, it can also result in stinging, itching, and burning sensation. It can make it hard for you to wear your contact lenses. Furthermore, the irritation can also cause your eyes to have a bloodshot appearance.  

In general, unless it becomes inflamed into pingueculitis, pinguecula does not require treatment. If you want to treat the irritation of dry eyes, you can purchase over-the-counter artificial tears. You might also be prescribed with corticoid eye drops in the case of pingueculitis. But, while this will lower the inflammation, it will not get rid of the growth.  

Difference Between Pterygium and Pinguecula 

Oftentimes, these 2 conditions are grouped under the common nickname of farmer’s eye or surfer’s eye. The reason for this is that the symptoms and causes are similar. However, typically, pinguecula is simply a cosmetic problem. On the other hand, a pterygium can have severe complications that can cause vision loss if not properly treated.  

A pterygium growth might begin as a pinguecula. However, it will affect vision if it grows to cover the cornea. Also, it can change your eye’s refractive power and can encourage astigmatism. 


You can use mild anti-inflammatory drops and/or artificial tear supplements to lower symptoms if you’ve got mild to moderate pterygia. A professional might recommend surgically removing the excess tissue if the condition becomes extremely big. However, a pterygium can come back even with full removal.  

Surgery for this condition will get rid of the growth. Then, the professional will stitch a tissue from a placenta into the vacant part left by the growth. Usually, the surgery will last for 30 up to 45 minutes. You might have to wear an eye patch after the surgery to aid recovery.  


Things You Must Know Before You Purchasing a Drone

The idea of purchasing a drone could be terrifying for a first-time buyer in the market. Drone shops have pages that are full of techy terms that you do not understand, you are unsure about what to search for as you buy a drone, and you do not know what to anticipate once you get the parcel. In this article, we will discuss you some of the tips and facts you should know before you decide to buy a drone.

It needs to be registered

Drones are required to be registered since they are classified as UAS or Unmanned Aircraft Systems by the FAA. Though this is not that troublesome since the registration is only worth 5 dollars every aircraft, which is valid for 3 years. After you have registered your drone, you’ll be getting a distinct ID number that should be displayed on your drone. You have to be at least 13 years old to do this.

You should have the appropriate mobile device in controlling drones

Instead of drone-specific controllers, most drones are controlled using mobile devices. This feature is ultimately convenient if you have an updated mobile device. Otherwise, it could be a hassle for you. Usually, drone software only functions with newer smartphones that have a modern OS.

Determine what type of drone to buy

Other drones are intended for precision flying and might need you to create crucial manual controls, which aren’t suitable for beginners. Others are intended to have optimized stability. Sometimes, inexpensive drones are more difficult to control since they don’t have the flight controller functionality and extra sensors compared to those more costly models. So, before you decide which drone model to buy, you should do some research about it to know if it suits your needs and lifestyle.

Never fly your drones during bad weather

Drones are extra lightweight. You can lose control over it for just a small wind. Mini drones or even the larger ones must not be flown if there are strong winds. Hence, if you are currently residing in a place where strong winds regularly occur, you might want to think about buying an indoor drone instead. Moreover, you must never fly them during nighttime even if your drones have lights because the lights are just intended to let you see your drone’s position. However, you cannot see whether there are possible hazards such as buildings or trees.

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